Great news! Our Leadership Development Promotion has been extended!

When earn additional US$600 when you help your PE associate advance
to Manager or beyond! The most beautiful thing is there is no cap for this promotion,
you can earn more bonus when you help more PE associates rank advancement!

Take advantage, earn this additional bonus on top of your existing commissions and other bonuses.

Promotion Extended Through Dec. 29, 2019.

Criteria: Open to Paid-As Managers (must be Paid-As Manager for every day of the commission week)

Mechanism: Help your PE associate rank advance to

  1. Consultant: You will earn
  • First 20 Consultants: US$ 100 from Consultant Development Bonus +
    US$50 additional bonus under this promotion
  • Above 20 Consultants: Additional bonus under this promotion: US$100
  1. Manager or above: You will earn US$500


For more details, please check Leadership Development Promotion flyer.