gentleexercisesforcleansedays_dsc3750-640_correctWe all know that exercise is a key element to achieving health and wellness. When adopting a lifestyle that includes performing regular Cleanse Days, it’s fair to question how and what type of exercise fits in on these days.

For some, exercising on a Cleanse Day can seem like a daunting task. While it’s perfectly acceptable to use Cleanse Days as a rest day and forego your regular workout, it can be beneficial to incorporate some light exercise.

If you do decide Cleanse Day workouts are for you, it’s important to consider the intensity of your workout and always start slow. Cleanse Days may not be the best day to try and run a marathon or try a new HIIT-style boot camp but there are plenty of gentler exercise options available. If you are new to working out on a Cleanse Day, here are five activities you can try during your next Cleanse:

Try a yoga class
There are several different types of yoga and yoga classes available for different fitness levels. You can even go online and stream a yoga class from your laptop. This way you can more easily manage the intensity and take breaks when needed.

Take a walk
Walking requires no gym membership and offers a low-impact workout. A short, brisk walk is great to help curb cravings on a Cleanse Day.

Go biking
Go outside for a leisurely bike ride. You can easily manage the intensity of your workout making it great for a Cleanse Day. Biking is also a form of exercise that doesn’t have to feel like a workout. Bring the whole family and make it a fun outing.

Work out at home
A quick, at-home workout is another great option. Something as simple as a few body weight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups can be enough to keep up with your fitness goals without overdoing it.

Many of us neglect stretching. Designating Cleanse Days for stretching will allow you to spend a good amount of time working on your flexibility.

Cleanse Day workouts can be a great way to relax and mix up your routine with in low-intensity workouts and, as always, with any changes to your diet or exercise, the advice of a qualified professional such as a dietitian will help you make the most informed decision about your health.