This event begins Chinese New Year with vital information, wisdom, and plenty of fun to make 2018 your best year ever. CNYKO provides you with the perfect learning, teaching, and networking environment, where this event can make a world of difference for this year and beyond.

Meet Your Incredible CNYKO Special Guest Speaker!

Renata Lee & Bob Newnam 

17 Star Platinum, 11 Star Crystal Executive2018-cnyko-social-media-jan-23_renata

Renata worked in network marketing and Bob used to be a full time teacher coach. They both tired of their works. Looking for a company that would offer more than a 9-to-5 business, they finally found a home with Isagenix in 2002. After seeing Bob’s product results and the leadership behind Isagenix, Renata and Bob knew this company was special and it was a company they were proud to partner with. Started with limited resource, it was amazing that they built their business in the first nine months. Have joined Isagenix for over 15 years, now they are No.13 Income Earner and one of Isagenix millionaires. They can’t wait to share their story with you!


Michael Shek 

8 Star Golden Circle, 3 Star Crystal Executive



You will have the opportunity to

  • Learn new business-building skills and strategies
  • Hear about exciting product updates
  • Learn about global updates and new promotions
  • Be recognized

Remember, this BIG event will be held in The Lees Hotel, Kaohsiung.  

  • Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Registration: 13:00-13:30
  • Event: 13:30-17:00
  • Venue: The Lees Hotel- 6F Victorian Hall (No.105, Wufu 1st Rd., Xinxing Dist., Kaohsiung City)
  • Ticket Price: NT$300

We can’t wait to see you all at CNYKO 2018. Let’s kick off the year with an amazing event.

For more information, please check CNYKO flyer.