Isagenix University is your opportunity to experience the culture of Isagenix. We include “Team Building” and this will allow associates get familiar with each other. Everyone will have chance to work together to solve the task, bond and trust each other.
You can learn about our no-compromise products, develop skills as a professional network marketer, and acquire industry leading business building strategies. You won’t want to miss out on the invaluable knowledge provided by our amazing speakers. Check out the lineup we’ve got planned:

Uncle Lin- 4 Star Golden Circle, 3 Star Crystal Executive
CHIEN-HUNG WU- 4 Star Gloden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive
Jimmy Chu- 3 Star Gloden Circle, 5 Star Executive
Anny Su- 2 Star Gloden Circle, Crystal Executive


The business tips and tricks and connections you’re sure to take from this event are invaluable to your business growth and development. You don’t want to regret missing out. Want to learn more about IsaU, please read IsaU flyer
• Date: March 24-25, 2018
• Registration: 9:30- 10:00
• Event: 10:00- 17:00
• Venue: Hotel Cham Cham (No. 102-5, Mizhi, Mizhi Borough, Nanxi Dist., Tainan City)