Improve your digestion with IsaFlush™ root, and peppermint to support digestion and regularity.

The Importance of a Healthy, Balanced Digestive System

While you sleep, your body’s natural processes are hard at work digesting food from the day before. Having a healthy digestive system plays an important part in overall wellness. When digestive processes function properly, the body can effectively absorb nutrients from food so it can recover, repair, and maintain regularity.

IsaFlush does not contain any harsh stimulant ingredients. It’s formulated to help support digestive balance and promote intestinal comfort naturally.

What’s Inside: Key Ingredients

Isagenix is committed to creating nutritional products based on the latest science to provide the most benefit, including these plant-based ingredients:

  • Aloe vera: Known for its digestive-support properties, aloe vera provides a soothing addition to IsaFlush.
  • Artichoke, fennel seed, and burdock root: These ingredients come from plants and herbs and are used traditionally to support digestive health. This blend of plant-based ingredients provides modern-day support to encourage better digestion and regularity.

IsaFlush in Your Isagenix System

IsaFlush is included as part of the Isagenix Weight Wellness Solution, but it can be incorporated into any nutritional system. The best way to do this is by consuming one to two capsules a day, preferably at bedtime, along with a full glass of water. This helps ensure good hydration, which is important for maintaining normal digestive function and promoting greater intestinal comfort.

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*Isagenix products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.