IMAG Jimmy1Jimmy was fat since he was teenager, he never thought he has obesity issue. However, he had high blood pressure when he was 40. That was a big shock and he did not want to rely on medical treatment.

In 2012, he discovered Isagenix and just want to improve his health. He joined IsaBody Challenge for several time. He started to use products and get good weight-loss results every time, the achievement surprised him a lot. He lost 44 kilograms in total! He wanted to motive and encourage his friends to join IsaBody Challenge. He believes that everyone can make it com true if he or she make up his(her) mind.

Now he has grown accustomed to the products and he exercise every day! Isagenix helps him gain his health. He was very lucky to have two more children joined his family after his transformation. This make his life more colorful and he feel happiness now.

He will continue to introduce products to his friends, so they can experience the magic of Isagenix! Thanks to Isagenix, he is gaining health and wealth!